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Michael Succow Foundation

Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development

‘To me biosphere reserves present the most developed and modern concept to conserve nature and at the same time ensure the survival of humanity. Therefore, it is important to me that biosphere reserves get well-deserved attention nationally and internationally. That is what we aim to contribute with biosphere.center.’ (Prof. em. Dr. Michael Succow)

About Us

About Us

The biosphere.center devotes itself to systematically
and comprehensively support the development of biosphere reserves on a
global scale.


Biosphere reserves are model regions and learning sites for the sustainable development of people with and as part of the environment. The global network of UNESCO biosphere reserves and the Man and the biosphere program offer great potential for implementing the idea of sustainability. The guiding principle of the strategic partnership is to set up and operate a competence center. The Center pursues with ist activities the following goals:
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The partnership between EUROPARC Germany e. V., the Michael Succow Foundation and the Eberswalde University of Sustainable Development covers a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience and creates an ideal basis for innovative strategies to support and develop biosphere reserves.

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Experience of partners

The partners support biosphere reserves on different levels and in a complementary manner:
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Here we present some project activities under the umbrella of biosphere.center with model character

Current Projects under the umbrella of biosphere.center
Wasserbüffel auf Grünland in der Uckermark, © S. Hügle
(Deutsch) Grünlandnutzung auf organischen Standorten
Grünlandbewirtschaftung / Organische Nassstandorte
Landscape in Roztochya BR, © P. Ibisch
Ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change | Ukrainian Biosphere Reserves
Klimawandel / Ökosystembasierte Anpassung
Gut eingebundener Ortsrand von Hohenfinow, BR Schorfheide-Chorin © J.Peters
(Deutsch) Regionaltypisches Bauen und Tourismus im UNESCO Biosphärenreservat „Schorfheide-Chorin“
Architektur in BR / Baukultur / Brandenburg
ÖUB Brandenburg: Acker mit Arbeitsgeräten, BR Schorfheide-Chorin, © T. Lüdicke
Long-Term Ecosystem Monitoring
Brandenburg / Flusslandschaft / Monitoring
Rominter Heide, © C. Welscher
Romincka Forest
naturnahe Bewirtschaftung / Partizipation
Indawgyi Biosphere Reserve, © K. Meuer
Development „Indawgyi Lake“ UNESCO Biosphere Reserve | Myanmar
Nachhaltige Landnutzung / Partizipation
Biosphere Reserves for sustainable water- and resource efficient regional development in Egypt
angewandte Forschung / aride Gebiete / biodynamische Landwirtschaft / Nachhaltige Landnutzung / Wasserresource
Transboundary cooperation for ecosystem-based sustainable development
Adaptives Management / Bildung von Netzwerken
Finished Projects under the umbrella of biosphere.center
Great Altay Transboundary Biosphere Reserve
Adaptives Management / Bildung von Netzwerken / Partizipation
Management concept Carpathian Biosphere Reserve | Ukraine
Adaptives Management / angewandte Forschung / Bildung von Netzwerken
Baekdu-daegan: Korean-German dialogue
Adaptives Management
(Deutsch) Unterstützung bei Neuausweisung: BR Lake Tana | Äthiopien
Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung / Nachhaltige Landnutzung / Partizipation
(Deutsch) Anpassung an den Klimawandel: Dena Biosphärenreservat | Iran
Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung / Klimaanpassung / Nachhaltige Landnutzung / Partizipation

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