DAAD East-West Dialogue programme: East-Europe

Transboundary Cooperation in Teaching and Practice

How can UNESCO Biosphere Regions contribute to an effective communication and ecosystem management for the promotion of a sustainable transformation in Eastern Europe?

Ukraine and Moldova continue to struggle for a sustainable transformation of their social and economic systems. The cornerstones for many of today’s conflicts in both countries have been laid in the more or less distant past, and therefore require long-term and steady processes of dialogue, stabilisation and identity-building. The project aims to provide support for these processes and promote an exchange of knowledge by jointly researching, teaching and discussing ecosystem-based as well as participatory, adaptive management approaches with practice Partners.

This project deals with the strengthening of participatory processes and the application of ecosystem-based management approaches, especially in UNESCO biosphere regions, as a contribution to the development of democracy and sustainable development in and with Ukraine, Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Roztochya BR - UNESCO Beech Forest WHS component part (© HNEE / A. Dichte)
Roztochya BR – UNESCO Beech Forest WHS component part (© HNEE / A. Dichte)

For more Information about the project, please visit the Centre for Econics website. There you will also find the previous projects from the years 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Lead: Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management


Project Duration: 2019

Financed: Germany Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Website: Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management