Ukrainian Biosphere Reserves – Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

Newly published brochures (volume 2) from the biosphere reserves Desnanskyi, Shatskyi and Roztochya about climatic trends, challenges, and opportunities of ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change are available as print and  as download. (…)


For ecosystems as well as for the populations living in them, human-induced climate change poses a particular challenge. In worst cases, severe changes in temperature and precipitation patterns lead to ecosystem restructuring as important animal and plant species become extinct or are replaced.

At the same time, ecosystems have important properties and functions that humans can use to adapt to climate change: They capture, store, and retain water in the landscape, thereby cooling it, reducing wind speeds, and buffering extreme weather events of all kinds.

As part of the project Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) to Climate Change (CC) and Regional Sustainable Development in Ukrainian Biosphere Reserves, new brochures have been published that present climatic trends, challenges, and opportunities for ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change, using three biosphere reserves in Ukraine – Desnanskyi, Shatskyi and Roztochya – as examples.

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Since spring 2021, selected pilot measures for the restoration of ecosystem functions in the biosphere reserves have been financed and technically supported. Read more about the implementation of the pilots on the website of the project’s funding agency: Recovery of ecosystem functions in the Ukraine – Internationale Klimaschutzinitiative (IKI).