Transnational Biosphere Forests

For the sixth time in a row, the project series at the Centre for Econics with Ukrainian and Moldovan partners (universities and biosphere reserves) is funded by the DAAD in the East-West Dialogue Programme 2021. After we had to move both excursions, which were to take place in Ukraine and Moldova, to the digital last year, we hope to be able to hold the student excursion in western Ukraine again this year in the summer.

In addition, an inter-institutional research project on microclimate data collection and evaluation in beech forests is being initiated by students from the Ebe

rswalde University of Applied Sciences, together with students and partners from the Ukrainian National Forestry University in Lviv and the Moldovan State University in Chișinău, as well as in cooperation with the forest ecology projects at the Centre for Econics (Glassy Forest, CleverForst). Accompanying this, a research platform is to be created that will also support joint research between the universities and biosphere reserves beyond the project.

Contact: Angela Dichte