Print materials for stakeholders and visitors to the Rominka Forest in Kaliningrad Region

With the completion of the project “” in February 2021, the project team handed over a total of 1000 folding flyers as well as 2500 tear-off pads to the stakeholders in the region. Among them: the administration of the Vishtynets Nature Park, the natural history museum in Krasnolesye, tourism information offices in Gusev, Chernyakhovsk and Kaliningrad, as well as about ten accommodation facilities in the immediate vicinity of the Rominka Forest. The print materials are not only intended to inform visitors about the unique offers of the region, but also to strengthen the cooperation between the nature conservation administration and the regional economic actors. At the same time, potentials were highlighted that could be further strengthened with a nomination of the area as a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Flyer in A2 format and tear-off pad in A3 format

ZENAT, Centre for Sustainable Tourism