DAAD East West Dialogue programme

The project addresses the relationship as well as the interrelations of conflicts and sustainable development, which is based on the preservation of ecosystems for the supply of ecosystem services and corresponding livelihoods.

The border region of Western Ukraine, Romania and the Republic of Moldova serves as the focus area for a situation analysis and the development of strategic options. Due to its diverse ecosystems and its respective provisioning and regulating ecosystem services, this region plays a central role for a sustainable ecosystem-based development that can only be effectively achieved in border‑crossing collaboration.

The sustainable development of the region can be strongly influenced by social as well as by political conflicts, transformation processes and risks. But sustainably used ecosystems provide important services to the well-being of the local population and hence increase the resilience of the region; thus contributing to the prevention of conflicts.

The project is composed of three activities:

  1. Study trip with students, lecturers and researchers from Ukraine, Romania, Republic of Moldova and Germany to the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve in the border region of Ukraine and Romania,
  2. Interdisciplinary conference in Germany about “Transboundary cooperation for ecosystem-based sustainable development” and
  3. Integrated study visits of a Master- and PhD-student from Ukrainian National Forestry University to an English 3-weeks block module at HNEE.

Lead: Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management



Financed: Germany Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Website: Centre for Econics and Ecosystem Management