Myanmar – Development of the „Indawgyi Lake“ UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Indawgyi Biosphere Reserve, © K. Meuer
Indawgyi Biosphere Reserve, © K. Meuer

With the official UNESCO recognition in 2017, the Indawgyi Biosphere Reserve with a size of almost 500 ha, which corresponds to approx. 7 % of the country’s surface area, now has an important place in the world network of biosphere reserves. The wetland ecosystem of the freshwater lake provides the basis for a remarkable bird population, including the largest of all cranes, the Sarus crane (Grus antigone).

In addition to its ecological importance, Indawgyi Lake has also created unique ways of human coexistence with and in nature. Residents have adapted their lifestyles to the rhythm of the lake and special agricultural practices have developed.

The entire water catchment area provides important ecosystem services that provide livelihoods for the local population.

Lead: Michael Succow Foundation


Ministry of Environment Conservation and Forestry of Myanmar (MOECAF)

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Bundesamt für Naturschutz (BfN)


Further information: Michael Succow Foundation