Implementation of „Exit-Strategy“| 20 UNESCO-Biosphere reserves exit the World Network

16.06.2017 – Paris | The international council of the UNESCO “MAB” program is strengthen the quality assurance. Since 2013 there is a guidance project for biosphere reserves who do not fulfill the quality criteria of UNESCO. 150 biosphere reserves were supported and could now satisfy all criteria. In the same context, 20 biosphere reserves withdrew their membership of the WNBR, due to increased requirements. 17 sites from the US and 3 sites from Bulgaria left the WNBR. With this process, the four year lasting “exit-strategy” became to an end. The new turn will last until 2020 – to decide about more biosphere reserves which are not capable to fulfill the requirements. For those, the would like to offer support and present innovative strategies to enhance the quality and effectiveness.

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